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Thereby, the metaphor of the mountains as a secluded area—isolated from foreign influences, but also from modernization attempts—nourished this notion. Apart from its exotic charm, these cultural sediments, however, were seen as a potential threat.

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The war was considered the dark, dangerous and threatening side of the pristine, untainted and pure patriarchal culture of the mountains. It was the earthiness of these pictures, their archaic character that entered into a symbiosis with the images of the war in the former Yugoslavia. So it was, in fact, the lack of civilization that served as an explanatory device for the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

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Our Albanian brides happen to be extraordinary special gems that can be a dependable partner as well. I discovered that the floating pictures that arrived from the Yugoslav war correlated in a certain way with the pictures I had made in the mountain villages. This referred mainly to the archaic element that was reflected likewise in the ‘pristine mountain culture’ and the brutal war scenarios presented by the media. This was never an outspoken argument, but was indicated by the way in which people spoke about these cultural phenomena.

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The fourth and final day of the wedding started early in the morning with music cranked up and people dancing to celebrate. The bride wore a glamorous white dress and everyone had their eyes glued to her. On the third day of the wedding, the groom’s family went to the bride’s family and danced to celebrate her coming to their home. When I danced in the big circle to celebrate, I couldn’t help but realize how I have integrated over the past two years. Two years ago I would have sat on the grass and watched the dancing taking place because I wouldn’t know how to dance or how to join in.

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According to this view, the Balkan Peninsula therefore has a long and protracted history of ethnic and religious conflicts that relate to its geographical fragmentation. Based on this idea, Todorova suggests that these discussions triggered the stereotype of Balkan people as superstitious, irrational and backward peasant societies. By analyzing these discussions, I realized that the aspects of change and transformation that I tried to emphasize in the lecture were barely understood. Much more powerful was the idea that cultural patterns, as exemplified by the patriarchal family, were deeply rooted in societies.

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I also realized that the pictures of the northern Albanian mountains conflated with ideas about the Balkans in general. ‘Balkanism’, according to Todorova, refers to stereotypes about the region that are related to its mountainous character (Balkan is a Turkish phrase for ‘wooded mountain’).

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The fact that ‘traditional’ weddings still existed after 50 years of communist intervention made the argument of change hardly plausible. By ‘traveling pictures’ I mean that the perception of a single picture can be very diverse. People in one place may see one thing, while those elsewhere see it with different eyes, triggering different reactions. The ‘elsewhere’ is not primarily an issue of locality, but a matter of social strata, age, gender, origin, knowledge, education and finally ideology.